4 Fast Teeth Straightening Options and How They Work

Posted on: July 16, 2018

Patients may search for fast teeth straightening options if they have a function such as a wedding in a few months. However, most orthodontics requires up to two years to straighten a person’s teeth. If a patient needs to have the perfect smile in upcoming pictures, there are several fast teeth straightening options at their disposal.

Common teeth straightening options

1. Porcelain veneers

If the issue is minor, porcelain veneers can cover a person's teeth and give the impression of straighter teeth. This option is ideal for patients who do not have severe dental issues and who simply want to look good without the need for braces.

2. Propel alvecentesis

This is a treatment method that helps increase cytokine activity by stimulating the bones around the patient’s teeth. The process targets individual teeth and helps straighten them by making it easier and faster to remodel the bone. Another method that helps increase cytokine activity is micro-osteoperforation. The dentist follows it up by immediately applying force to move the teeth to the desired position.

3. Acceldent method

This method uses a hands-free device that has an activator. A patient who already has orthodontic appliances, such as braces, wears this device for about 20 minutes each day. This device uses pulsing technology to speed up the movement of the patient’s teeth based on the position of the braces.

4. Short-term orthodontics

Examples of short-term orthodontics include the Inman aligner and six-month smiles. The Inman aligner is a removable appliance that helps straighten teeth in six to 16 weeks. This option is ideal for people who had braces as kids and now their bottom or top teeth have started shifting again. The Inman aligner works quickly, and it is removable and easy to clean. These aligners are also painless and require only one 15-minute trip to the dentist every month. Six-month smiles can help straighten the patient’s teeth and improve the patient’s bite in approximately six months.

Considerations to keep in mind

It is important for patients to note that fast teeth straightening options are not ideal for all cases. These treatment options are only suitable for people who have minor misalignment. The patient must also have healthy bone structure. Furthermore, in most cases, the treatment is limited to the front teeth only.

The main benefit of these options is that they straighten the teeth in a relatively short time. Furthermore, most of them are less painful and uncomfortable when patients compare them with traditional metal braces. These options are also ideal for busy people, as visits to the dentist are shorter and less frequent.

Wrapping up

Do you need to straighten your teeth fast? Talk to one of our dentists about accelerated straightening options. The dentist may ask about your dental history, and they may need to assess your teeth and face to determine if you are eligible for these types of treatments.

That's not all …

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