Aloha Orthodontics Client Journal

Posted on: March 27, 2017


January 2015

I walked into Aloha and just asked for some general information about how one would go about getting braces there. Although my approach was unannounced, they still welcomed me and gave me a consultation right then and there. After such a great first impression of the Orthodontistry, I decided to choose them for my dental work.

I'm glad I did because upon my first visit I was greeted by a friendly and personable receptionist, Nanja, who addressed me by my first name, as if she had been waiting for just me. Immediately, this type of engagement made for a positive environment. I was seated as soon as I handed in my paperwork. I had x-rays done at this time. The dental assistant who took them had the perfect balance of professionalism and warmness to her demeanor by giving me easy to follow instruction and making me feel comfortable during procedures. She made me feel at ease—such a feeling is not common in a Orthodontics office. And that is what Aloha Orthodontics is, a pleasant surprise. A place one can walk into feeling good about something that so many people feel anxiety and stress about. Nobody should have to feel that and I would bet that Aloha Orthodontics are the people to turn that common notion around. I would recommend Aloha Orthodontics to anyone who wants to feel safe and satisfied about their dental work.

February 2015

My 3rd visit to Aloha Orthodontics was exciting. This was the day I was going to get my braces on. When I walked in the dental assistant seemed just as excited about my big day as I was. Her friendliness made the bit of nervousness I had diminish away entirely. The dentists and dental assistant put my comfort first when applying my braces. Throughout the whole procedure they asked if I was alright or if there were any accommodations they could make for me. The process was quick and easy, and they even let me try on a few different color rubber bands so I could pick which one I liked best! What I appreciated most about my visit was that the office made me feel well taken care of and more than good about where my money was going.

March 2015

During this time Dr. Gloeckner looked at my x-rays and let me know that I would be needing my wisdom teeth removed. Dawn recommended that I go to Dr. Osborne. She said he and his staff were professional and would take care of my problem. I took Dawn's recommendation and only to second what she had said. Aloha not only cares for their patient in house but values other practice their same values.

April 2015

I had called ahead to let Carey, the receptionist, asking her if it was still a good idea to come in after the removal of my wisdom with since my mouth was still so sore. She said it would be fine and made a note on my chart to make sure they were gentle. Carey is actually one of the most pleasant people I have ever come across. She's laid back and always smiling. Just as Aloha is lucky to have her as an employee, us patients are lucky to have her too. When you walk into Aloha she is the first person you see and I know I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When it was time for my appointment Dawn and Dr. Gloeckner accommodated to my needs specifically. They we very careful not disrupt any stitching in my mouth and for that I was thankful. They even asked how I was feeling and were there to answer my questions and give tips on the after care of my wisdom teeth removal.


May 11 2015

During this orthodontist visit, a new wire was put on that was thicker. The assistant was gentle as always. She got me in and out, always speedy but proficient. I told the dentists I didn’t like my laterals and he did not hesitate to tell me he would do something about it. He told me “I want you to love your teeth” and he scheduled my front 4 teeth to be shaved down to create a smile without ridges for my next visit. This kind of extended care made me feel like he took me seriously and wants me to get my money’s worth.

June 11 2015

At this appointment Dr. Gloeckner shaved my front four teeth. I was so excited when I saw the results. Honestly, since I’ve gotten older and realized how important a smile is, I’ve grown to be embarrassed of my teeth. But ever since I’ve been in the care of Dr. Gloeckner I haven’t felt that way. I know my teeth are going to look great after my braces are off. Even now as I still have them the dentist does everything he can to ensure a smile I’ll be proud to wear. What makes me feel so great about Aloha is that my smile is as important to them as it is to me. And of course the dental assistant was so attentive and makes sure everything is okay and nothing hurts. As always the wire is never poking me, and she always asks if there is anything she needs to adjust—but there isn’t because she already takes good care of my dental work. This is my second time having braces and I was very skeptical about having them again; however, all of the things I was scared of going through again I don’t have to worry about now because I’m in good hands.

July 14 2015

During this visit the Dr. Gloeckner did most of my work as the assistant was with another patient. During this time he noticed that one of my laterals did not look similar to the other one. So, he decided to remove the bracket and replace it to a position that would help the tooth to move to a more desirable spot. A month later the tooth had moved to that spot. Every time that I go in at Aloha Orthodontics decisions are made for the betterment of my teeth. I know I can trust Dr. Gloeckner’s expertise, and this is just one of things that makes me feel so comfortable at Aloha.

August 18, 2015

Today I went to Aloha for the standard change of rubber bands and to address any concerns I might have had. Nothing too exciting, right? But even when I go in for a quick visit I still feel so excited to go my orthodontist appointment. I look forward to seeing the people who care about my smile, which ultimately is my self esteem. I also see other patients who are just as happy to be there as I am that makes the positivity even more abundant. These people have my best interest in mind and are just great people to share a smile with.

September 2015

Today I went in for a change of rubber bands and a wire. Routine dental visits tend to be very uninteresting, but at Aloha even their routine appointments are enjoyable. Dawn, the dental assistant, treats patients like friends of hers. As I sat down she remembered everything we had talked about last month during my visit. So, just as she checks up on my teeth she also checks up on me.

October 2015

No, I did not get black and orange rubber bands for this October visit, but I did get a wonderful orthodontic experience! During my visit their was another patient being seen, except this patient was much younger than I was. It came to mind that I was an adult with braces. I had thought of this before but this visit really brought it to light. As I watched Dr. Gloeckner with his child patient I thought to myself that Aloha accommodates to everyone's needs no matter their age. They have a team of people who are versatile enough in their personalities that they can make anyone feel comfortable. I know there's an underlying concern for adults to have braces but it doesn't concern me. I know that I am good hands with Aloha and will have something to smile about in the end!

November 2015

This visit was right before Thanksgiving, so if you're like most people the holidays can be hectic. For this very reason I had forgotten about my appointment. That is, until I had received a reminder text the day before. I got to thinking how convenient Aloha makes being a patient there. They text you the day before as a reminder, no annoying phone calls, but a simple text. They take payment directly out of your account on a day of your choosing, hassle free. Everything about Aloha is hassle free. I was able to go to appointment during the busy holidays. I was in and out!

December 2015

Today I had a bracket re-positioned on of my premolars. I felt a little down because although my teeth looked great and I thought they looked straight, there was still something I hadn't noticed. I had a change of heart when I realized that Aloha wants its patients to have the very best results. It would have been easy to leave the bracket where it was since I was getting them off in a few months anyway, but they strive for excellence and noticed that something needed to be done and took care of it.

January 2016

This time last year is when I had gotten braces put on. I remember being so nervous but excited that I was going to have a brand new smile to look forward to. This was just a standard visit. Today they put new rubber bands on, cleaned my teeth, and took x-rays; afterward, my teeth were cleaned. I'm so glad I could have it all at the same place I got them straightened! It's convenient for me and also for Aloha. By cleaning my teeth themselves they can ensure that my braces are being handled with the care they need during cleaning time. Their x-ray machine plays classical music while it takes pictures which makes for a relaxing time! Dr. Gloeckner looked at the x-rays and determined that I would be getting my braces off next month! I left the office feeling great.

February 2016

This was a bittersweet visit to Aloha Orthodontics, as it would be my last orthodontic appointment. I was beyond to excited to get my braces off, but I knew I would miss seeing my family at Aloha. On this day Dawn, the dental assistant, removed my braces and leftover glue in a tactful manner, minimizing all discomfort just as she had every appointment before this one. Dr. Gloeckner filled and polished my teeth to get rid of the childish ridges I had. This made a huge difference in my teeth and was the cherry on top of the whole experience. I've mentioned that I had braces before and they did not take the time to do this for me. I didn't ask him to do this for my teeth, he just did it. That's how I know Dr. Gloeckner aims for the best results as a standard.

Dawn then made a mold of my teeth for the retainer to be made that I would receive in the next week. I looked in the mirror at the Orthodontics and was thrilled at what I saw. When I left this appointment I was a brand new person. I felt a new kind of confidence, and still do. My teeth look absolutely beautiful, all thanks to Aloha.


I came back the next week for my Hawley's retainer and bleach trays. I was not looking forward to this part because the last time I had braces the retainer hurt my mouth and did not fit well. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I put on my retainer to feel that it was comfortably placed! It did not hurt my mouth to wear it. What a relief! This is just another example of Aloha Orthodontics beating orthodontic expectations—they know what they're doing and how to do it the right way.

As I was leaving my last appointment I felt sad that this part of my life is over. That's when I knew that the kindness and care that these people have shown me throughout the year was worth even more than the care, time, and money I had put into to having braces. Aloha is such a neat place in that they really do make you feel like everyone is in this sort of orthodontic adventure together, and because of that you're a part of their family. Being a part of a family is to care for one another, and that is exactly what Aloha did for me. And that's what Aloha will do for you.