Give the Holiday Gift of Visiting an Invisalign® Dentist in Bakersfield

Posted on: November 16, 2017

InvisalignThis holiday season, consider visiting an Invisalign® dentist in Bakersfield to talk about options for straightening your teeth. This could be the best gift that you have ever given yourself. While most people spend the holidays running around, buying gifts for family and friends and thinking about what will make someone smile when placed underneath the tree, they rarely take the time to consider giving themselves a gift. Perhaps it is time to do so.

Straight teeth are a gift that lasts a lifetime

As an Invisalign® dentist in Bakersfield, we understand the value of straightening teeth both from an aesthetic and a health perspective. This truly is a gift that can last a lifetime because when crooked teeth are straightened, confidence improves and how a person perceives themselves can be positively impacted. This can have all sorts of benefits. For example, people that smile more are generally perceived to be more attractive. This can lead to improved social interactions. People with straight beautiful teeth and a bright smile are even perceived to be more successful and happier at work, potentially creating more career opportunities. In short, a smile can influence a person’s daily life and future. In this way, the gift of Invisalign® is one that can have far-reaching implications.

This is also a gift for oral health. Crooked teeth are more prone to developing tooth decay because there are areas for plaque and food particles to hide. It is difficult to keep crooked teeth clean and so as they become full of decay or infected, people need to have significant dental work done. However, when the same teeth are straightened, there are fewer places for plaque to become trapped, decay is less common and people tend to have improved oral health as a result. Straightening teeth is truly positive for one’s health.

Invisalign® is convenient

Instead of using traditional metal braces to straighten teeth, we can provide patients with clear aligners to wear. They surround the teeth like a full retainer would and by applying pressure, can move them towards their final straight position. People visit our office to see an Invisalign dentist in Bakersfield because of how convenient this is. They are nearly invisible and difficult to see, plus they come out to eat or brush teeth. This means that people who wear invisible aligners need to make very few adjustments to their daily routine. They are incredibly convenient for adults and very popular because of this.

Give yourself a gift that keeps on giving

This holiday season is the perfect time to visit our clinic to learn more about this option and see if Invisalign® can work to straighten your teeth and improve your smile. If so, you could even ask friends and family to donate to your smile fund instead of buying a gift for under the tree. It is possible that they may like the idea of giving something that would last and make a significant impact.

For more information and help with your smile, call today.

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