Reasons to Visit Our Bakersfield Orthodontics this Summer

Posted on: May 16, 2018

Summer is an excellent time to schedule an initial consultation with the child or adolescent in your family who may need braces. By visiting our Bakersfield orthodontics office, we can help determine the most effective course of action for a patient who needs to straighten his or her teeth. As one, we recommend scheduling these appointments during the summer for one simple reason – time.

The school year can be incredibly busy with competing demands. Children have school and homework assignments along with sports and extracurricular activities that demand their attention after school. By the time they finish for the day, it can easily be five or six o'clock at night. This leaves no opportunity to visit the orthodontist for an initial consultation or to have braces placed on their teeth.

Fortunately, life can be significantly more flexible during the summer. Even those that spend time at camp or vacationing with family have more flexibility. As a parent, we encourage you to call and schedule an appointment today. You and your child can learn more about the options available for straightening teeth.

The initial consultation with our Bakersfield orthodontics office

During the initial consultation, we are going to conduct a physical examination so that we can observe the position of each tooth and also look to see how the teeth come together when they are resting or the patient is actively biting down. This will provide us with information on what needs to be done to improve and align the bite in addition to straightening teeth.

Next, we are going to take X-rays. This will provide us with additional insight so that we can make recommendations regarding treatment. By the end of the appointment, we should be able to make suggestions for the most effective type of braces for the patient.

We can also discuss what the treatment plan and the timeline might look like. By the end of the appointment, patients should be familiar with what their options are and what is necessary to begin. We will also give an estimate of what it may cost. At that time, parents are welcome to make a decision to move forward and schedule the follow-up appointment or to take time to think about it at home.

Placing braces

Placing the actual braces is what typically takes the most time. While the consultation does not take more than an hour, placing braces can actually take a couple of hours. While the length of time will depend on what we are doing, it is necessary to plan on being here for a while. It is easier to place braces on the teeth during the summer since children have more free time.

Teeth will be slightly sore

It is also important to note that the teeth are going to be somewhat sore immediately after placing braces. While this soreness will only last for a few days, it can be quite uncomfortable. During the school year, we often recommend scheduling these appointments for Thursday or Friday so children have the weekend to rest at home. However, this is not an issue during the summer.

There is a mental and emotional adjustment to make

We understand this and are sensitive to this. When children begin the orthodontic treatment during the summer, it gives them a little bit of breathing room to adjust to their new braces before going back to school and seeing their friends. It is simply a more gentle and easier transition.

Schedule an appointment this summer

We can help a child or adolescent at any time of year. Still, there are many benefits to beginning orthodontic treatment during the summer. All that is required is scheduling that initial appointment to begin the process. Call us for Bakersfield orthodontics today and we will get that appointment scheduled as quickly as possible.

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