Why Your Child Should See An Orthodontist

Posted on: June 16, 2018

Orthodontics provides many significant benefits to people of all ages. It is recommended that children visit the orthodontist before reaching the age of seven. A visit to a specialist is also necessary when patients find themselves unhappy with the way their smile looks at any age.

When should orthodontics treatments start?

Children should be taken to the orthodontist when they reach the seven-year mark. This timeframe is when adult molars begin to erupt in the back of their mouths. This gives the orthodontist the opportunity to get a clear picture of a young person's mouth while the permanent molars are erupting makes it easier to correct any issues that are discovered. Some of the problems commonly addressed with orthodontics include crowding, overbites, and open bites.

Orthodontic issues are more accessible to correct when treatment begins before the growth of the permanent teeth are completed. Addressing dental matters in developing aged children earlier reduces the likelihood of surgical procedures like extractions being necessary to correct alignment issues.

Options when it comes to teeth alignment

While there are a handful of clear alignment options nowadays, dentists prefer using braces to address alignment issues in young patients. It is best to have braces installed during school breaks since that gives the child an opportunity to get used to the device. Children need to learn to avoid certain foods when wearing braces, and they need to be taught how to clean it properly.

However, children are not the only ones who find themselves dealing with alignment issues. Many adults are unsatisfied with the appearance of their chompers. Fortunately for them, adults do not have to wear one of those highly-visible metal braces since clear braces tend to be more useful for grownups. Thanks to discrete teeth straightening dental devices like ceramic braces and clear braces, adults can now address any alignment issues that are bothering them without having to compromise their appearance.

Clear braces work using the same concept as metal braces: pushing a patient's teeth into the proper alignment by continually applying pressure on them. The patient typically receives a series of mouth-piece like aligners, and each is worn for about two weeks. Each tray pushes the patient's teeth a little bit closer to the desired position. The length of the treatment can be anywhere from six months to two years.

The importance of orthodontics

Patients have many things to gain when they decide to go in for orthodontic treatments. Some of these include:

  • Attaining a straighter smile one can be proud of
  • Orthodontic issues like underbites, overbites, open bites, spacing issues, and teeth crowding can be corrected, leading to a healthier-looking smile
  • Improved oral hygiene since straight teeth are more accessible to clean
  • Improved oral hygiene leads to improved overall health since both are closely linked
  • A straighter smile will enhance the patient's appearance and confidence during social interactions.

Are you dealing with an orthodontic issue that you would like to have corrected? Schedule a consultation in our orthodontics office today!

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